Church of the Holy Apostles

Apostle Rob Taylor Administrator


"To another the working of miracles......"     I Corinthians 12:10.    This is a spectacular gift, full of signs and wonders; a gift that was more in evidence in the Old Testament than in the New Testament God was showing His compassion; in the Old Terstament He was demonstrating His power. The working of miracles, however, is a supernatural manifestation of the power of God that altars, suspends, or in some other way controls the laws of nature.  It is a remarkable gift. Elijah had it when he parted the Jordan.  He smote the waters step by step; the waters divided hither and thither; and he went over on dry land.  That was a miracle.  The Lord Jesus began His ministry with a miracle.  You recall that Jesus was at the wedding in Cana, and they ran short of wine, He told the servants to fill the waterpots; they them to the brim.  As they poured and the water went over the lip of the waterpot, it changed from colorless, tasteless water into purple wine, sweet and luscious.  Why should God be pleased to impart the working of miracles to a person?  In the first place, miracles are given "as credentials."  There is a limitation to demon power, but not to divine power.   We could say a great deal more about this wonderful working of miracles.  Let us pray that these gifts will be in manifestation in the Church.