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Apostle Rob Taylor Administrator

I was called at the age of 9, and started prayer and word ministry (part-time) since 1960, and full time ministry since 1980. I Founded the Power of Prayer Ministry & Grace Deliverance Center, International, March 1983. Founded, Dec. 9, 1981, Victory Outreach Center, Pastor/Evangelist, and Servants of the Lord Street Ministry (2Tim.2:24-26). Preaching Jesus Christ crucified. Jesus Christ,the power and wisdom of God. I Cor.1:23,24, Rom.6:6;8:1-3;Gal. 5:24. Called and ordained a Pastor, by The Gospel Ministry, Chula Vista, CA in 1981. Went to the Holy Ghost University of Biblical Studies and Apostolic and Prophetic Training Graduated honorable with grace and humility. Prophetess/ Evangelist Eloise Hartsfield of Soul's Deliverance Center, & Ministries Inc. and Prophet/ Bishop J.J. Brown of Sanctuary Church of the Living Epistles, where I was consecrated, anointed and ordained by the Holy Ghost, an Apostle/Prophet, of Christ. (Matt. 28:18-20,m The apostolic commission & Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven Matt. 16:19; 18:18) I can't give enough honor and grateful appreciation and honor to, and thanks for all the training and studies in the Holy Ghost School and Ministry training receive through their instruction and teaching ministry. My grateful thanks, love, and appreciation they are always in my heart. Studied and served at America's House of Prayer Deliverance Ministry, under Pastor Rudy LaBlanc. God Bless Him! Apostolic Movement International of (5- Fold Ministry), Apostolic and Prophetic training and study in Biblical Studies, and Offices under Les D. Crause/apostle. Also studied , Egyptology- The study of the culture and artifacts of ancient Egyptian civilization from early childhood. We believe in the fivefold offices and ministry gifts ( given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the perfecting of the saints and work of the ministry. The edifying of the Body of Christ, according to I Corinthians 12:27-31; Ephesians 4:27-31. Unity of faith in Christ . We are an Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry. Apostle of the Cross, Robert Taylor consecrated to God and sanctify as an apostle and Priestly Prophet (seer) of Jesus Christ, ordained by Him through the Holy Ghost. Romans 11:29; 2 Chronicles 20:20b. I am not called by men, but rather by Christ Jesus and anointed by the eternal Spirit (I John 5:7; Hebrews 9:14. Apostle of the Cross